Can I Join Piano Lessons At My Age?

One of the advantages of PIANO LESSONS is that it’s NEVER TOO LATE to start learning play Piano.


Our piano lessons program offers only private instruction, which is the most effective way to enhance the student’s talents and abilities.

Learning to play piano is an excellent way to start playing music for all ages, from toddlers through adults.

The piano is an incredibly versatile instrument, and is great for developing a comprehensive knowledge of music that can later be applied to all instruments and styles of music.

If You desire to be professional, we will give you the opportunity to go through exams and receive internationally recognized TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON CERTIFICATE.

What Are The Benefits of Piano Lessons?

Piano lessons at Studio First are individual for each student, and the private lesson teachers customize a curriculum to fit every students needs and goals.
Piano lessons are the foundation of learning music, especially for very young children.  The piano offers young students a platform to develop ear training, note reading, rhythm, and musicianship in a simple way. Piano technique is ultimately focused on fine motor skills – however, due to the nature and construct of the piano as an instrument, children can begin to learn the piano while using their gross motor skills.
Often times, a lack of fine motor skill development can be the most frustrating aspect of learning an instrument for young children – and the early piano studies eliminates this potential problem.
Learning the piano is also a great idea for parents who want their kids to get exposure to music and music education.
The piano offers immediate results – after one lesson you will find that you are able to play simple melodies and songs. With other instruments, the learning curve is much greater. The piano also allows musicians of other instrument groups the ability to learn the foundations of music theory, and thus apply it to your given instrument.