Hip Hop Series: KRUMP

KRUMP ( Kingdom Radically Uplifted Mighty Praise ) is a form of dance that originated in South Central Los Angeles in the early 90s. This dance is expressive and highly energetic. Its performers mostly use it as a way to express who they are and what they’re feeling. “Krump” or “Krumping” evolved out of “Clowning” aka “Clown-dancing” which is a manifestation from the black Dance movement. The inception of Krump occurred when a number of the original hip hop clowns and youth of that generation of clowning became older and moved on from the child-oriented nature of clowning. Individuals such as Tight Eyes, Big Mijo, Slayer, and Lil C are the originators of Krumping and are known as the Kings of Krump. Compared to clowning, Krump is a more sinister and aggressive dance form. Rapid combinations of ‘stomps’, ‘chest pops’ and ‘arm swings’ are used to create a wild chaos of movement. While it may appear violent, krump was created as a form of emotional & spiritual release, a positive alternative to gang life.

Krumping Dance Video: KRUMP IS NOT DEAD