Hip Hop Series: C-Walk

The Clown Walk, also known as the C-Walk, shares many of the same moves of gang-related dance called the Crip Walk. Inspired by the Crip Walk, the Clown Walk was specifically designed as a dance and not a gang-related movement. At def SOL we do not teach/encourage the use of the Crip Walk to its negative affiliations. While the style of the Clown Walk is very fast and very flashy, it does not focus on precision or clean walking. This style allows people to move how they feel and incorporate it into their dance, much like Krumping. Some basic movements in the Clown Walk are the V, Shuffle, Heeltoe, X-hop, Wiggle Walk, and Gangsta Skip. Many “walkers”, as the dancers are referred to, like to slide, glide, moonwalk, and add variations to their walk.

C-Walk Dance Video: Julian Reyes C-Walk Freestyle