Break Dance Elements: Power Moves

The third element of Bboying is Power. Power moves are the more flashy and exciting movements of Bboying, power is when a dancer uses every part of there body either to spin, flip, or fly through the air in a very precise fashion.
There is a saying in the Bboy Community: “Power wins the crowd, but Style wins the battles”. Meaning that power is a great crowd pleaser, but thats all the crowd likes to see. Those who are not involved in the Bboy Community, don’t usually understand that style is more rare and looked for, both in competition and in cyphers. However, power moves give you a taste of true Bboying and the raw strength and power that it takes to Bboy, as well as the excitement and flash that goes along with it.

Power Moves Video: Power Moves 2013

Power takes about of stamina, endurance, commitment, and core strength, it is not something that can be obtained over night. Power is also control, and if you have really good control, you can transition from your power to freezes.

Prerequisites: 6 or more months of prior Break Dance class experience.