Break Dance Elements: Freezes

Freezes are when a dancer holds their entire body off the ground with usually just their arms. Freezes can be interpreted in many different ways, you can use both arms, one arm, your legs, your head, your shoulder, etc.
Freezes are about being able to carry your own weight, freezes help connect the other three elements of Bboying, as well make a nice ending to a dancers set.
Toprock, Footwork, Power, and Freezes are all important aspects of Bboying and all are good to have as a Bboy/Bgirl. However, some Bboys and Bgirls tend to favor some elements more than others, and they tend to put more focus into one element than another, but this is very common.

Freezes Video: RoxRite’s Basic Freeze

For example, a dancer could have better footwork than power, this doesn’t mean that they are at a disadvantage, it just means they prefer a different approach to Bboying. There are many different kinds approaches and styles to Bboying, which is one of the reasons Bboying is so unique, just like any form of artistic expression everyone has their own interpretation and style, and no one person is the same.